Black Orchid Ltd

Style endures

Est. 1985


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Black Orchid has probably the widest collection of jewellery in the area ..we have thousands of pieces priced from as little as £2.95 : from simple, silver hoop earrings to splendid, semi-precious stone one-off pieces.

    With new stock arriving nearly every week it's always worth a visit.

Below are a few snapshots of some pieces from the cabinets full of porcelain, tourmaline, ammonites, amethyst,  labradorite, blue john and many other natural stones in sterling silver .

rose quartz earrings £14.95 *
ocean jasper / garnet / agate necklace £75.00
Opal coil ring £79
pyrites stone heart £39
pyrites sun slice £32.50
schalenblende pendant £42.50
schalenblende pendant £49.95
pyrites / hematite nugget £29.95
pyrites / beaten antiqued silver ring £65
Petersite ring £115
Petersite teardrop earrings £55
Petersite oval pendant £150
Merlinite pendant £55
Merlinite ring £49.95
Merlinite earrings £27.95
Blue agate jewellery....made in Sheffield
Rectangular brooch £64.95
Oval ring £55
Double sided oval pendant £145
Lapis lazuli earrings £16.50
Lapis lazuli earrings £24.95 *
Faux turquoise vintage brooches (not silver)
£9.95 - £16.50
Real turquoise/silver ....bracelet £55
Turquoise earrings £29.95...round pendant £27.95
Chrysocolla oval earrings £39.95
Turquoise pendant £69
Whitby jet angel £62.50
Whitby jet and turquoise ring £55
Agate earrings £24.95
Jasper oval earrings £29.95 *
Large oval pendant £95 and oval ring £27.95
sitting on carved double heart £55
Labradorite facet earrings £34.95 and oval pendant £55
Labradorite ball drop earrings £14.95 *
Variscite pendant £59.50 and ring £69
Ammolite pendant £69.95 and ring with facet crystal doublet £130
Dyed coral necklace £75 *
Small coral earrings £14.95*
Large coral earrings £22.50*
Oval pendant with citrine £24.95
Simple oval ring £39.95
Oval sunstone earrings £24.95
Red pearl bracelet £34.95 and earrings £22.50
Gaspeite rectangular pendant £45.50
and earrings £37.95
Gaspeite square ring £57.50
Scottish marble slab £7.95 and teardrop earrings £37.95
Scottish marble tear shaped ring £24.95
Astrophyllite ovals bracelet £150
Astrophyllite oval pendant £75
Unpolished astrophyllite ring £27.50 and earrings £21.50
Eudialyte oval pendant £89
Eudialyte round ring £29.95

      * indicates Black Orchid Ltd exclusive item


               made in Stamford by Kate   

      All items (except vintage pieces)

            are set in sterling silver

Black Orchid is, and always has been, a fair-trade company  working with companies with an ethical and/or fair-trade policy