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 Black Orchid Ltd are a women's clothing, gifts, jewellery and interiors shop in Stamford, Lincs.  trading since 1986...and over the years we have developed to sell style not high street fashion.


Let us use our creative gifts to help you look and feel your best and most individual selves whilst not upsetting the planet !

  There's a lovely mix of British eccentricity and elegance to this womenswear and lifestyle store. 

           Your Guide to Looking Fabulous at Any Age.

Because if you haven't yet should !

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A new window for May !

Warm taupes and terracottas
Warm taupes and terracottas
Grizas tunic dress £
Grizas linens
po (5)
po (5)
Masai jersey vest (under shirt) £25
Suzie Blue pendant £7.95
Dip back linen dress £165
Suzie Blue pendant £12.95
Nomads leggings £24.50
Pom pom grass £3.95 (3 in the vase)
Print linen trousers under dress £125
Grizas ribbed silk/linen tunic £155
Suzie Blue necklace £10.50
Grizas linen dip back shirt £159
Suzie Blue pendant £17.50
Vintage brooch £12.95
Crazy lace agate brooch set in sterling silver £95
....resting on Aquamarine crystals in mica £75
Hematite in quartz £29.95
Leather adjustable ring £6.50
Oval resin/horn earrings £12.50
glasses £14.50
Resin earrings £8.95
Zebra grass £2.50....rattan jewellery box £21.50
Rattan frame £16.50
Carved wooden heads large £35 small £29.95
Reeded frames 5" x 7" £26.50
4" x 6" £22.50
Squat pitcher £12.50
Laura Vita shoes £85.50
25% off all full price shoes £64.12
Taupe Button cushion £22.50
Terracotta rib cushion cover £7.50
Namaste checked cushion cover £19.95
Natural jute/leather rug £21.50
Namaste spice stripe rug £19.95
Cards £2.65 each
Namaste cotton ribbed double spread £37.50
Natural chevron throw £16.95
Stone necklace adjustable necklace £29.95
Pashmina £12.95

    Because we buy in an enormous range of styles, but often only in small quantity,

                        we are not really set up to sell on line ............ Sorry.

  However,  if  you  have seen something here on the website or in the window and you can't get into the shop, we are happy to hold things, post things or otherwise be as helpful as we can in getting stuff to you and money from you !

email us at  or phone us on 01780 754140

Opening hours  10a.m. till 5p.m. Tuesday - Saturday

Closed Sunday and Monday 

Black Orchid is, and always has been, a fair-trade company  working with companies with an ethical and/or fair-trade policy