Black Orchid

Style endures

Est. 1985


The weather is changing ,

Spring has approached and this is

the second spring window of 2019  .

Celebrating thirty-two years of quirky, stylish dressing and eclectic interiors in Stamford.

Black Orchid Ltd

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stockists of:

       Adini ~ Bella Blue ~ Blank ~ Capri

 Cut Loose ~ Grizas ~ Laura Vita ~ Masai 

Nila Rubia ~ Nomads ~  Pomodoro

 Ralston ~ Sahara  ~ Tamaris



 Black Orchid Ltd are a women's clothing, gifts, jewellery and interiors shop in Stamford, Lincs.  

  trading since 1986...and over the years we have developed to sell style not high street fashion.


Let us use our creative gifts to help you look and feel your best and most individual selves

  whilst not upsetting the planet !

          There's a lovely mix of British eccentricity and elegance to this womenswear and lifestyle store. 

Your Guide to Looking Fabulous at Any Age.

Ralston's facebook link ..because I like them

Because if you haven't yet should !

New Window stock  ... 

New Season ! 

Colalt blue and lime for a bit of zing
Masai and Pomodoro
Masai floral top £67.50
Masai lime trousers with ankle zip detail £72.50
Silver metal and thong necklace £13.95
Masai lime jersey dress £75
Pomodoro crop cardi £52.50
Coco bead necklace £16.50
Masai floral viscose oversize dress £89.50
Pomodoro black underneath £19.95
Lime resin necklace £23.50
Masai oversize button through top £85
Wood and thong pendant £14.95
Masai jersey print top £75
Circles print scarf £9.95
Set of four resin coated coasters £11.50
Nine drawer jewellery box £31.50
Blue thongs and tubes necklace £11.95
Bright blue terracotta vase £14.95
Tamaris citrus yellow suede sandals £49.95
6" x 4" resin coated frame £9.50
Bird print oblong cushion £17.95
Lime linen feel cushion £19.95
Citrus yellow and moss green velvet cushions £16 each
Flower print cushion £19.95
Trio of citrus yellow vases £5.50 £7.50 and £6.95
Resin coated box £12.95
Overdyed rag rugs 60cm x 90 cm £12.50
75cm x 120 cm £19.95
other colours available
Cosy throw £36.50
Cards £2.50 - £2.95
Long green glass necklace £12.50
Mia Sarosi hand painted porcelain from a selection in Aladdin's Cave
Sterling silver and willow pattern pottery pendants from a selection.
LIme and blue glasses £12.50 each from our extensive range of ready readers.
Lapis lazuli box £35
Blue and white block printed double spread £49.95
100% cotton.....detail of border
Cosy throw £36.50
Jo Edwards wool scarf £47.50
Leather cobalt blue bag with front pockets £44.95
Multi strand green shell necklace £9.95

    Because we buy in an enormous range of styles, but often only in small quantity,

                        we are not really set up to sell on line ............ Sorry.

  However,  if  you  have seen something here on the website or in the window and you can't get into the shop, we are happy to hold things, post things or otherwise be as helpful as we can in getting stuff to you and money from you !

email us at  or phone us on 01780 754140

Opening hours  10a.m. till 5p.m.

Monday - Saturday

Black Orchid is, and always has been, a fair-trade company  working with companies with an ethical and/or fair-trade policy

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